Bringing science into multilateral diplomacy

Established in 2021 by ETH Zurich and UNIGE, the Science in Diplomacy Lab brings scientific insights and methods into diplomatic, international conflict resolution and help address the global challenges our societies are facing.

The Lab for Science in Diplomacy (SiDLab) emanates from the joint realization by the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the ETH Zürich (ETHZ) that addressing most global mega-challenges (think next pandemic, climate change, and international security) requires cooperation and innovative governance while dealing with the rising complexity of diplomatic negotiations in a multipolar world. Current global challenges are not only difficult to address by themselves, but they also exacerbate a few other issues resulting in heightened geopolitical risks.

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Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration in computational diplomacy: A multi-layered network approach to improve our understanding of institutional complexity and effective governance design

August 31st, 2023|Publication|

Abstract:While the study of global governance is moving from a focus on component-dominated to interaction-dominated systems, the present paper reviews development in governance theories from a complexity perspective and discuss how governance systems can be [...]


“Communication between disciplines has always
existed but the rapid accumulation and globalisation of
knowledge which started in the second half of the 20th
century have made a more systematic and programmatic
approach to interdisciplinarity both a possible and
necessary endeavour to create the networked university
of the 21st century” LERU Position paper on interdisciplinarity 2016